You must report any defect within seven days after receiving your item.

You will be given a replacement if possible, or a full refund. If the product was released recently, or is out of stock, you may only be offered to get a full refund, and you will have to wait until the product is in stock again to get it.

If 7 days have passed, you can either

- Return your product within 30 days (But you will have to pay all the shipping fees)
- Send your item for repairs (2 Year Warranty)

Return process

1. Submit a ticket on

2. You will be given a form to fill with the following fields: 

- When was your item delivered? Should not be more than 7 days ago
- Where did you buy your product? 

- What is your Order Number? (Can be found by logging into
- What is your ticket number? (Will be provided generated when you submit a ticket)
- Serial Number
- SKU ( A list can be found on the product registration page:
- What is the issue with your item/order?

- A video showing the package/ the issue of your product

3. An agent will get send you a Shipping label

4. Place your items in the original package with all the items included, attach the label on the package and drop it at the shipping company's (Indicated on the label) location or by calling the company to schedule a pick up from your house.

5. When we receive your package, it will be inspected and verified and you will receive a refund.