If your mouse is using optical Raesha switches such as the X2V2, X2H, X2A, and X2 Bruce Lee Edition, it is likely that your mouse has a defective Raesha switch.

A defective Raesha switch will make a second click feeling and sound after the actuation point, in the post-travel or in the release. This click is unintended, and will not create an input in your computer. 

The switch is defective and needs to be replaced.

Optical Raesha switches are hot-swappable, and replacing them is easy. 

To remove them, you just need to pinch the tabs under the switches to release them. 

You can also remove them from the top by pulling them up while moving them around under they come out, although this may break them, so only do this if it is defective.

Here is a tutorial on how to open the mouse and change the switches:


You can check if the switch is defective by pressing directly on the micro-switch and checking if you hear two click sounds.

If you purchased your item from us, send us a video of the defective switch, and we may be able to send you a replacement part, or we will repair it directly. When sending switches, we also include free PTFE feet. Make sure to read the warranty terms about receiving replacement parts before accepting to receive them: pulsar.gg/warranty (Article F-1)

If you purchased from another seller, you must contact them as soon as possible and check if they are able to provide replacement parts or check other warranty options. Please note that warranty options will differ depending on the seller, but you sellers will all make sure that you have a properly functioning mouse during 2 years, and this is considered a defect.