1. PayPal Express Pre-charge

When you complete an order, you are redirected to an order confirmation page and a message saying that your order was completed.

If you did not see this page, but you were charged before you completed your payment, it could be because you used the PayPal Express payment option. Paypal may pre-charge your account before completing your order, to ensure that the payment is processed quickly.

If you do not complete your order, PayPal will automatically refund that amount within a few hours. If you have not been refunded within 24 hours, and are sure your order was not complete, please contact us by submitting a ticket. Select "Shipping and Payment Issue", and include a screenshot of your payment statement, as well as any information related to your purchase.

2. Wrong Address

If you saw the order confirmation page but did not receive it by email, it may be that you miswrote your email. In that case, please contact us by submitting a ticket and selecting "Shipping and Payment Issue".

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