Q: What issues are covered within the 10-day window?

A: Dead On Arrival (DOA), missing parts, wrong items, and missing items are covered within the first 10 days.

Q: How do I report a defective item or missing component?

A: Report the issue within 10 days of receiving the package by contacting Pulsar Gaming Gear Support at pulsar.gg/support.

Q: What happens if my product is defective within 10 days?

A: If the product is defective within 10 days, we'll replace it and cover shipping expenses.

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind about a defective product?

A: No, refunds are not available for changed minds about defective products within the 10-day window.

Q: What if I bought from another store like Amazon or Newegg?

A: Refer to their warranty policies for products bought from other Pulsar Gaming Gears' stores.

Q: What should I include in pictures of the package for claims?

A: Include pictures of the outer packaging, labels, and contents as received.

Q: How can I find the inclusive item list for my product?

A: Check the user manual or product page on the web for the inclusive item list.

Q: Can I report shipping damages after the 10-day period?

A: No, shipping damages must be reported within the 10-day period.

Q: What if I refuse a package or provide inaccurate shipping information?

A: You'll be responsible for additional shipping expenses and possible deductions from the refund.

Q: What if a product is held in customs due to my delay or request?

A: You'll be responsible for expenses related to handling and storage in customs.