Q: What is the Pulsar Gaming Gears Limited Warranty Policy?

A: The Pulsar Gaming Gears Limited Warranty Policy outlines the terms and conditions for warranty coverage on our products.

Q: Does the warranty apply to all sellers?

A: Our repair services are only available if purchased from our official website (pulsar.gg), Amazon. For purchases from other sellers, refer to their warranty policies.

Q: What do I need to claim warranty service?

A: You need a valid proof of purchase (sales receipt or order number) and the product's serial number.

Q: How can I register my product? 

A: You can register your warranty at pulsar.gg/register. It is not required but can be useful in case you lose the necessary information regarding your order.

Q: Do different models have different warranty terms?

A: Yes, different models may have varying warranty policies and terms.

Q: Can I modify or customize the product without voiding the warranty?

A: Customizing or modifying the product without authorization may void the warranty. Request authorization at pulsar.gg/support.

Q: Can I return a product to a different address or country?

A: Warranty services are provided at the original address and country. Contact us for authorization if returning from a different address or country.

Q: What compensation options are available for refunds?

A: Compensation options include a replacement of the same item, a different item of similar value, or a gift card/discount coupon depending on the circumstance.

Q: What items are required when submitting a warranty coverage request?

A: You may need an internet connection, a computer to submit forms, a printer for shipping labels, video evidence of defects, and measuring devices.