If your issue is the following:
- Feeling of a tactile click when slightly touching the shell
- Feeling of a step before the actuation point in the pre-travel

Warning: Disassembling or attempting to repair a mouse without authorization can void your warranty, so make sure to contact your seller first and request authorization.

This will usually go away after some usage. Most of the time you can easily fix it by popping the click shell out: pull it until the click shell's plunger goes out, then put it back into place, and repeat that several times.

Watch this video to see how to do this. (The mouse in the video is a different model but the method is the same)

If this does not work, you can also fix it by removing the stickers located on the front plunger catches of your mouse clicks: the mouse click shells each have two plungers that are held by a hook (Part shown in the pictures) on the main shell. The front one (Part shown in the pictures) has a black square that creates this feeling.

With thin plyers, you should be able to remove them from the outside, otherwise, you will need to disassemble your mouse, to do so, follow the instructions on this video.

Removing these stickers will fix this issue, however, in some cases removing them can create a scratchy feeling when pressing the clicks.

We generally suggest that you contact your seller before attempting to repair it, and request a replacement or repairs if possible.