Store Policy

Returns, refunds, shipping issues, and payment issues are all store policies, not warranty policies, so for these, you must contact your seller.

The store policy terms may differ from seller to seller, and you must refer to the seller's terms before making your purchase, not the store policy of

2-Year Warranty

Some products including Pulsar Keyboards and all Pulsar mice have a 2-year warranty, meaning that Pulsar Gaming Gears is responsible for making sure that products will properly work for 2 years from your date of purchase.

To make the process easier, we have agreed with most sellers that they assist us in this process, so if you have any issues, make sure to first contact your seller directly to see what options they can offer. If you are not satisfied with the options you are offered,if you live too far away from that seller, or if you prefer going through Pulsar directly for any particular reason, you can do so too, however please note that the process may take longer since Pulsar is based in South Korea.

During the after-service process, you will be requested to submit a proof of purchase (Order number/ Receipt) This will be used to check the date of your purchase and if your warranty is still valid. If you have lost it, please contact the store where you purchased your item, and try to retrieve your order information by providing information such as your name, phone number, email, address or payment method.

If you did not buy from an official store, if you got your product as a gift, or bought it second-hand, you still benefit from the Warranty coverage. However, you should first contact the seller or original owner and ask them to provide you with their original proof of purchase.

If you are unable to retrieve proof of purchase, you can still benefit from the warranty coverage, however, the 2 years will begin from the date of departure from our manufacturing facility, not the date of purchase. In that case, you will be required to provide your serial number and contact Pulsar Support directly by submitting a ticket above.