The SKU is the code of your model. It is usually found on the fox of your product, it is usually composed of a combination of 4 to 10 letters and digits.


▶ Xlite Series

Xlite Wired : PXD01, Black

Xlite Wired : PXD02, White

Xlite Wireless : PXW01, Black

Xlite Wireless : PXW02, White

Xlite Wireless : PXW03, Red

Xlite Wireless : PXWFE

Xlite Superglide : PXD01G, Black

Xlite Superglide : PXD02G, White

Xlite V2 : PXW21, Black

Xlite V2 : PXW22, White

Xlite V2 : PXW23, Red

Xlite V2 : PXW24, FE GREEN



Xlite V2 Mini : PXW21S, Black

Xlite V2 Mini : PXW22S, White

Xlite V2 Mini : PXW23S, All Red Edition

Xlite V2 Mini : PXW24S, FE GREEN


Xlite V2 Mini : PXW26S, BLUE EDITION


▶ X2 Series

X2 : PX201, Black Color

X2 : PX202, White Color

X2 Mini : PX201S, Black Color

X2 Mini : PX202S, White Color
X2 Bruce Lee: PX2BL

X2 Mini Bruce Lee: PX2BLS
X2 Boardzy: PX2BZ
X2 Boardzy Mini: PX2BZS


▶ PCMK 60% Series

PCMK 60% ANSI : PCMK601B, Black

PCMK 60% ANSI : PCMK601W, White

PCMK 60% JIS : PCMK611B, Black

PCMK 60% JIS : PCMK611W, White

PCMK 60% ISO : PCMK621B, Black

PCMK 60% ISO : PCMK621W, White


▶ PCMK TKL Series








▶ Lunar Alloy Series

Lunar Alloy TKL Rainbow : PK001, Red Switch

Lunar Alloy TKL Rainbow : PK002, Blue Switch

Lunar Alloy TKL Rainbow : PK003, Brown Switch

Lunar Alloy TKL RGB : PK010, Red Switch

Lunar Alloy TKL RGB : PK011, Blue Switch

Lunar Alloy RGB : PK020, Red Switch

Lunar Alloy RGB : PK021, Blue Switch


▶ Nova Optical Pro Series

Nova Optical Pro : PK100, Red Switch

Nova Optical Pro : PK101, Blue Switch

PMB01    Micro Bungee Bulk x 1 (Extra VHB, 1 set of Bungee)

PMB02    Micro Bungee x 3 (Extra VHB, 1 set of Bungee)

PXDGT    Grip Tape for Xlite [SOFT]

PXDGT2    Grip Tape for Xlite [THIN]

PXDGT3    Grip Tape for Xlite  Mini [THIN]

PX2GT    Grip Tape for X2 [THIN]

PX2GT2    Grip Tape for X2  Mini [THIN]

PXDEF    Xlite PTFE Mouse Feet

PXWFT    Xlite Wireless PTFE Mouse Feet (original 0.8mm)

PXWF2    Xlite Wireless PTFE Mouse Feet (0.6mm)

PXWC1    Xlite Wireless PTFE Mouse Feet Control (0.6mm)

PXWFS    Xlite Wireless PTFE Mouse Feet Set (0.6mm)

PX2F1    X2 Wireless PTFE Mouse Feet (0.6mm)

PX2F2    X2 Wireless PTFE Mouse Feet Thick (0.8mm)

PX2FS    X2 Wireless PTFE Mouse Feet Set (Cut+0.6mm)

PXWRX    Xlite Wireless Dongle Kit (dongle + Adapter)

PMP01XL    ParaControl Mouse Pad XL

PMP02XL    ParaSpeed Mouse Pad XL

PMP03XL    ParaBrake Mouse Pad XL

PMP11SB    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad S Black

PMP11MB    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad M Black

PMP11LB    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad L Black

PMP11XLB    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XL Black

PMP11XLB2    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XL Black (490x420)

PMP11XLHB    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XL Heavy

PMP11XXLB    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XXL Black

PMP11XLS    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XLS BLACK SQUARE 500x500

PMP11SR    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad S Red

PMP11MR    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad M Red

PMP11LR    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad L Red

PMP11XLR    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XL Red

PMP11XLR2    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XL Red (490x420)

PMP11XXLR    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XXL Red

PMP11XLL    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XL BLUE EDITION

PMP11XXLL    ParaControl V2 Mouse Pad XXL BLUE EDITION

PMP13XLB    ParaBrakeV2 Mouse Pad XL Black

PMP13XLR    ParaBrakeV2 Mouse Pad XL RED

PMP13XXLB    ParaBrake V2 Mouse Pad XXL Black

PMP13XXLR    ParaBrake V2 Mouse Pad XXL RED

PMP12XLB    ParasSpeed V2 Mouse Pad XL Black

PMP12XXLB    ParasSpeed V2 Mouse Pad XXL Black

Superglide Feet

PXWSGW    Superglide for Pulsar Xlite Wireless [White]

PXWSGR    Superglide for Pulsar Xlite Wireless [Red]

PXWMXG    Superglide for Pulsar Xlite Wireless [Maxgaming Blue]

PXWSGY    Superglide for Pulsar Xlite Wireless [Yellow]

PXWSGL    Superglide for Pulsar Xlite Wireless [Edition Blue]

LGSSGB    Superglide for Logitech GPro Superlight [Black]

LGSSGW    Superglide for Logitech GPro Superlight [White]

LGSSGM    Superglide for Logitech GPro Superlight [Magenta]

LGSSGR    Superglide for Logitech GPro Superlight [Red] - FE Limited Edition

LGPSGW    Superglide for Logitech GPro Wireless [White]

LGPSGL    Superglide for Logitech GPro Wireless [Blue]

LGPSGR    Superglide for Logitech GPro Wireless [RED]  - FE Limited Edition

LG7SGW    Superglide for Logitech G703 / G603 / G403 [White]

LG7SGL    Superglide for Logitech G703 / G603 / G403 [Blue]

L52SGW    Superglide for Logitech G502 [White]

L52SGB    Superglide for Logitech G502 [Black]

L33SGW    Superglide for Logitech G303 Shroud [White]

L33SGB    Superglide for Logitech G303 Shroud [Black]

L34SGW    Superglide for Logitech G304/305 [White]

L34SGL    Superglide for Logitech G304/305 [Light Blue]

L90SGW    Superglide for Logitech G900/903[White]

L90SGB    Superglide for Logitech G900/903[Black]

RVUSGW    Superglide for Razer Viper Ultimate [White]

RVUSGG    Superglide for Razer Viper Ultimate [Green]

RVMSGG    Superglide for Razer Viper Mini [Green]

RVMSGW    Superglide for Razer Viper Mini [White]

RV8SGG    Superglide for Razer Viper 8K / Viper [Green]

RV8SGW    Superglide for Razer Viper 8K / Viper [White]

RBUSGW    Superglide for Razer Basilisk Ultimate [White]

RBUSGG    Superglide for Razer Basilisk Ultimate [Green]

RO2SGW    Superglide for Razer Orochi V2 [White]

RO2SGG    Superglide for Razer Orochi V2 [Green]

RD2SGG    Superglide for Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro / V2 HyperSpeed [Green]

RD2SGW    Superglide for Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro / V2 HyperSpeed [White]

FSLSG1    Superglide for Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro / V2 HyperSpeed [White]

FSLSG2    Superglide for Finalmouse Starlight-12 M / S [White]

ZECSGB    Superglide for Zowie EC series [Black]

ZFZSGB    Superglide for Zowie FK/ZA/S series (No ZA13) [Black]

RKPSGB    Superglide for Roccat Kone Pro / Pro Air [Black]

SPMSGW    Superglide for SteelSeries Prime Mini Wired / Wireless [White]

EXMSGW    Superglide for Endgame Gears XM1 RGB / XM1r [White]

GMOSGW    Superglide for Glorious Model O / Model O- [White]

GMDSGW    Superglide for Glorious Model D [White]

GDMSGW    Superglide for Glorious Model D -

VNPSGB    Superglide for Vaxee Zygen NP-01 / Outset AX [Black]

VNPSGW    Superglide for Vaxee Zygen NP-01 / Outset AX [White]

XM4SGW    Superglide for Xtrfy M4 Wireless

RNPSGW    Superglide for Razer Naga Pro [White]

RNPSGG    Superglide for Razer Naga Pro [Green]

AIMCAT1    Superglide for Maxgaming AimCat Gpro Superlight

AIMCAT2    Superglide for Maxgaming AimCat Xlite Wireless

GHSSGW    Superglide for G-Wolves Hati-S Wireless

FSLSG3    Superglide for Finalmouse  Starlight-12 M / S [Poseidon Blue]

FSLSG4    Superglide for Finalmouse Starlight-12 M / S [Poseidon White]

FSLSG5    Superglide for Finalmouse  Starlight-12 M / S [Phantom Arrow]

FSLSG6    Superglide for Finalmouse Starlight-12 M / S [Red Arrow]

6MMSGW    Superglide for Universal 6mm x 8 [White]

MXNSG1    Superglide for MXGXNACHO Logitech GPROX Superlight [MIAMI]

MXNSG2    Superglide for MXGXNACHO Pulsar Xlite,V2,V2 Mini [MIAMI]

MXNSG3    Superglide for MXGXNACHO Endgame xm1 RGB / XM1r[MIAMI]

MXNSG4    Superglide for MXGXNACHO Logitech g303 se [MIAMI]

MXNSG5    Superglide for MXGXNACHO Finalmouse Starlight-12 M / S  [MIAMI]

RVPSGG    Superglide for Razer Viper V2 PRO [Green]

PX2SGB    Superglide for X2 Wireless Black

PX2SGW    Superglide for X2 Wireless White

PX2SGR    Superglide for X2 Wireless Red

RD3SGG    Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro [Green]

RD3SGW    Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro [White]

S39SGW    SteelSeries Aerox 3/Aerox 9 Wireless [White]

SA3SGW    SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wiress [White]

XMZSGW    Xtrfy MZ1 Wirelsss [White]

RB3SGG    Razer Basilisk V3 Pro [Green]

VXESGW    Vaxee XE [White]

L5XSGW    Superglide for Logitech 502X [White]

Superglide Pad:

SGPXLW Superglide Pad XL White
SGPXLB Superglide Pad XL Black

SGPXLR Superglide Pad XL Red

SGPLW Superglide Pad L White

SGPLB Superglide Pad L Black
SGPLR Superglide Pad L Red

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