Payment Company Refund processing time:

PaymentWall: 5-20 Business days
Paypal: Instant-3 Business days

If you have any issues with a paypal transaction, connect to paypal and check your status.
For paymentwall, you can contact them to

PaymentWall Refund Schedule;
1. sends refund to PaymentWall (1 day)
2. PaymentWall to Bank (3-9 days)
3. Bank Processing (1-10 days)

Order/RMA Processing time:

Returning a product:
We will initiate your refund and notify you once your product has been returned and inspected. For information on this article: How to Return a Product? Step by Step

Cancelling a product:
We will cancel your order and initiate your refund your product within 1 business day before your order is shipped. You will be sent a cancellation email. You cannot cancel your order once it has been shipped, or once you meet the cancellation deadline. More information on when you can cancel on this article: How can I cancel or modify my order?

To cancel your order, or for more information, contact support by submitting a ticket on