You cannot change your order after 8am of the next business day after your order (Korean Time).  To modify your order, you must make a request through our portal by submitting a ticket and selecting "Cancel and Edit"

For pre-orders, the cancellation/edit deadline is 8am (Korean Time), one day before the official shipping date.

Bruce Lee X2 Limited edition
Shipping date: 16th
Cancel deadline: 15th, 3pm PST Winter Time

If you have an issue signing into our support website, please send an email at and we will create an account for you.

To check the shipping time of your order, please refer to this article: When will my order ship?

Here are examples of modifications you can request:

- Cancellation

- Removing an item

- Adding an item
- Changing the shipping address/information

Ambiguous requests may end up in order cancellations, because we will not risk sending a product until we are sure that it is the one you wish to order. Therefore it is recommended that you include detailed information on how you wish to change your order. For example if you wish to change a product, please include if you wish to send the product anyway in the case where that product is unavailable, or if you wish to cancel it either way.

If you make your request after the order is processed and fulfilled (8AM, next business day, Korean Time), your product will have already been fulfilled, and you will have to wait until you receive the product and return it within 30 days, however the shipping fees will not be refunded. More information on returns on this article: How to return a product?:step by step

Shipping Schedule Example:

Orders are not automatically merged.
If you have made two separate orders, they will be shipped separately, and you will pay the shipping fees twice. If you wish to merge the orders, you must request one of your order to be cancelled and refunded, and the other order to be modified with the item added. An invoice will be sent to you and your order will be shipped when your invoice has been shipped, on the next fulfillment schedule.