If you wish to return your item within 30 days of purchase, for any reason:

  1. Submit a ticket and select "30 days returns", including the SKU items you wish to return
  2. Take a picture of the items showing the state of your product. 
  3. You will be given an address where to ship your item back
  4. Ship the product with your own label
  5. Fill in the form given on your ticket with the tracking number and picture of the item
  6. Once we receive the product and check it we will refund you (May take some time even after the tracking indicates that the product has been delivered.)

    We will not charge you extra restocking fees. If an item or a part of an item is missing or damaged, it may be deducted from your refund (5 USD per item on average). You must ship the item back yourself and pay the shipping fees, and we do not refund the original shipping fees, only the price of the product.

    Consumable products are not eligible for returns after the packaging has been opened. These include mouse feet, grip tapes, arm sleeves, etc. A list can be found on pulsar.gg/warranty

    For more information, please read our policy on this link:

    If you received a defective/wrong/damaged product: DOA (7 days)

    1) Submit a ticket and select "Shipping issue" within 7 days of receipt of the item with footage of the issue
    2) Send the item with the provided pre-paid label

    If you wish to fix a defective product: Repairs (2 Years)

    1) Submit a ticket and select "Warranty/ Technical issues"
    2) Include a video showing evidence of your issue in the ticket
    3) Your case will be analyzed, and you may be asked to do some tests
    4) If your product is defective, you may be given the choice to receive replacement parts
    5) Send the product with the Pre-paid label if you cannot repair the product yourself
    6) Your product will be sent to our repair center (2-5 business days, repaired (1-5 business days), and sent back to you (2-5 business days)

    If you agree to receive replacement parts, you cannot change your mind and decide to send your product for repairs for that specific issue. Repairing a product with provided replacement parts will not void your warranty unless a part of the product is damaged during the operation.

    You must make sure that you have tried all the tests previously recommended, and make sure you have a proof that it is defective. When we receive your product, if we do not find it defective, or if it is fixed by doing any of the tests we requested previously, you may have to pay the shipping back from South Korea. 

    When sending a product, you should remove any accessories on the product that may be need to be removed during the operation. For example, in order to open the mice on most products the back feet must be removed to expose the screws that hold the mouse together. Therefore, if you have replaced the original PTFE feet with Superglide, you should remove it and keep it in a dry and dustproof place, because they may be discarded during repairs. If you do not wish to remove your accessories for any reason, please inform it on your ticket before shipping your item.

    During repairs, if the mouse has to be opened, the back PTFE feet will be removed and replaced with new PTFE feet.

    More information on the warranty on this page:

*The RMA process may take 5-7 business days upon arrival.

*Warranty services are only provided at the address and country of the original address. If you wish to return a product from a different address, you must request authorization from us, and if you wish to return it from a different country, you may have to pay for the shipping to the country of the address on your original order.

the *Any damage claim returns or refund returns must be returned before 14 business days since the claim has been filed. Refunds will no longer be eligible if it has passed return window time frame. We will not be responsible for any packages that are not returned within the return time frame.

Returning Superglide Feet and Other Consumable Products:

Consumable products are not eligible for returns if the package has been opened or damaged. When returning a product, you must take a video/picture of your product showing the seals of your product as below:

After confirming that the product is refundable, you will be given a label to return your item, and you will be refunded once the item has been received and inspected.

 Printing a Label and Sending a Package:

You will be given a label on your support ticket that looks like this:

Print it with a printer and stick it on your package:

Drop your item at a USPS or DHL Post Office depending on the label.

If you are shipping from the USA for a refund, you will likely be given a USPS label, in that case, you can check if you can schedule a pick-up directly to your house on their website: https://tools.usps.com/schedule-pickup-steps.htm

If your address isn't eligible for pickup, you'll need to take your shipment to a Post Office