This type of symptom is 99% of the time caused by something on your setup that's interfering with your setup, make sure to bring your receiver at least  20cm in front of your mouse, and remove any wave-emitting devices close by (Bluetooth products, Wifi Routers, etc). If it were a sensor/MCU/firmware issue, it would also occur on wired mode.

Also try checking that it's not an issue coming from your PC, by using a different USB port and a different PC.

If you are using 4000Hz (4K dongle), this could be due to an overload, your mouse is sending too much data to your PC, and your PC cannot process it quickly enough. Try removing other high polling rate devices from your PC, lowering your polling rate, or use a more performant gaming computer that is compatible with 4K polling.

If you believe that your mouse is defective, please contact your seller or submit a ticket above