Due to different licencensing rights, the logos on the products can appear in 3 different languages: Korean, English, or Japanese.

The varying parts of the product include the following:
- The Demon Slayer logo on the Superglide glass feet.
- The Packaging

(The mice itself will be the same)

The only way to get the Japanese version is to purchase from the Japanese website pulsargg.jp (Only takes JP addresses), or in Japan.
The English version is available at Maxgaming, and North American retailers. The other distributors mostly sell the Korean version, but you need to contact your seller for confirmation.

If you purchase on our website, the language used should be indicated on the webpage depending on when you make your purchase, so make sure to read all the descriptions.

If the Korean logo is used, this message will be displayed: "Please note that if you purchase from this website, the logos present on this product will be written in KOREAN, not in ENGLISH."