The eS mice are designed specifically for competition and do not have the option for add macros. However if you are interested there is a way to assign a macro using AHK to buttons.

1. Download AutoHotKey

2. Create an AutoHotKey file

3. Edit using Notepad

4. Paste this code:


    Send, HelloWorld

5. Save as .ahk file

6. Run the file

In this case, the forward button is replaced with "HelloWorld"

Replace "Xbutton2" with the button you wish to use, and "HelloWorld" with the macro you wish to write. For more advanced options, please visit AutoHotKey to learn how to write more advanced AHK codes.

Please note that this is not a recommended use of this mouse, instead, we recommend that you use the regular version of the mouse which has a dedicated macro assigning function and software.

To make the code run on startup, simply paste the file in this location:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

Here are other example of Macros you can create:

- Forward button hold --> Ctrl hold

    Send, {Shift Down}
    KeyWait, XButton2
    Send, {Shift Up}