Q: How should I clean a regular mousepad?

To clean a regular mousepad, follow these steps:

Begin by gently brushing off any coarse dust or foreign particles.

Then, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the bottom side of the mousepad when it becomes dirty. 

It's crucial to avoid using alcohol for cleaning, as it can damage the mousepad's surface.

Q: How should I clean a superglide mousepad?

If you own a superglide mousepad, consider the following cleaning methods.

You have a few options for cleaning:

Wipe it with a regular wet tissue.

Clean it with lukewarm running water, ensuring you avoid using detergents with strong acidic ingredients.

The most recommended method is to use a glass cleaner for cleaning.

After cleaning, let it air dry or use a dry cloth. 

Avoid using a hair dryer, as it can damage the surface.