If the product is a limited edition, only 1 batch of the product will be sold. So if it is sold out, it is unlikely that it will be restocked. However, limited editions can be restocked for several reasons including canceled shipments, canceled orders, or reseller inventory returns. Note that we only sell new products and products that have been received by other customers are not sold again, even if the packaging seals have not been broken.

For limited editions, there is no way to know when they will be restocked, the only way is to regularly check on our online store.

If a product is not a limited edition and is not EOL, there may be plans to restock the item. Big restocking events will be announced in the weekly newsletter, so make sure to subscribe by writing your email in the section on our pulsar.gg. Otherwise, please contact us by submitting a ticket on pulsar.gg/support and selecting the "General inquiries" section. If a product is EOL, we will not restock it. To know if a product is EOL or a limited edition, you must contact us directly by submitting a ticket.

To stay updated on the latest restocking/product launching events, please read this article: