There can be several reasons why this is happenning.

1. The LOD is not set up properly

The LOD must be adjusted depending on the distance between the snesor and your mousepad. If it is not adjusted properly, your mouse cursor may not move properly. This is particularly important if you use different feets on your mouse or if you use reflective or translucid mousepads.

2. Your mousepad: use a different one.

Some mouse pads or desk surfaces may affect your sensor negatively. Make sure it is flat, not reflective, consistant in texture and smooth. Changing your mousepad may solve your issue.

3. Something on your setup is interefering with your wireless signal.

If this only happens when your mouse is used wirelessly, then this is likely caused by something on your set up that is interfering with your mouse. Remove any wireless signal /magnetic/radiation emmitting objects from your set up. These include other wireless mice and receivers, wifi routers, phones, laptops. Make sure your receiver is as close as possible to your mouse using the provided extender.

4. Reset your mouse and your software.

a) Reinstall the latest software and restore the settings
b) Reinstall your mouse firmware accordingly

5. Try these tests:

If your issue is still occuring after all these tests, your product may be defective. If it is only occuring when plugged in, it could be that your cable is broken. If it only happens when used wirelessly,your receiver or wireless antenna may be defective. Otherwise, it could also be an issue with your PCB or sensor. In that case, you should contact your seller if your warranty is still valid. Make sure to inform your seller that you have already tried all the tests above.