To determine whether your address is available for shipping, please follow these steps:

1. Select an item that is currently in stock.

2. Create a test order and enter your address.

3. If the Shipping Method shows a price, it means your address is eligible. If it does not show anything, it means your address is incomplete. Otherwise it will show the following m

 "Sorry, unfortunately, this item cannot be shipped to your location at this time. This could be because none of the shipping methods currently cover your area. This could also be because the product is only in stock in a warehouse that cannot ship to your location. For more information, please go to"

This could also show if one product is available in a warehouse that does not ship to your country. For example, if the product is only in stock in our USA warehouse, only USA addresses will work. 

You can check if that is the case by contacting us or by testing other countries's addresses. For example, if a USA address works, but a Canada address does not work, it means that the product is currently only in stock in our US warehouse, and out of stock in our global shipping warehouse in South Korea. 

You can also check by testing your address with a different non-limited edition product. Lastly, you can also check if your address is covered by DHL by contacting them.

Please note that if you are located in the EU, JP, or KR, you should use the following websites for your purchases:,, or, respectively. If you experience any issues with these websites, you can contact their respective support teams at,, or

If you are located in the EU, JP, or KR and wish to purchase a product that is only available on, please contact us directly at to check if it is possible. However, please be aware that shipping fees may be higher and you may be responsible for paying any applicable customs duties and taxes.