"This order can’t be shipped to the address you entered. Review your address to ensure that all fields have been entered correctly and try again."

If you receive this error, it could be for several reasons.

1. Product only ships to one country

Some products are only available for certain locations, and may appear as 'In stock' but will not work with certain countries. If you try entering a USA address and it works, it means that the product is in a warehouse that does not ship internationally. In that case you should use a forwarding company, or wait if the product comes back in stock, or puchase from another retailer if available.

2. Product does not ship to Korea, Japan or EU

If you are from the EU, Korea, or Japan, you should use the version of our website that matches with your location



3. Incorrect address

The issue could be that your address was not written properly. Make sure that you have
1. First address line
2. City Name

3. Zip Code

4. Country Name

4. Location not covered by our carriers

It is possible that your location is not covered by our shipping companies. To make sure that your location is available for delivery, contact DHL and ask them if they cover your area, and how you should input your shipping information.

5. Other

If you have checked all the above, and it is still not working, contact us on pulsar.gg/support and include in your message your address and the item you are trying to purchase. In your message, you should also mention the list above and confirm that you have checked the guidances.