This is almost always caused by an error when updating a firmware or due to a computer's settings, and is usually fixed by resetting the items. New receivers are available here and work with all our Wireless mice, but it is very rare that they stop working, so make sure you do the following before purchasing a new one:

Try the following:

- Reset your receiver firmware by installing the firmware again.
- Do the same with your mouse (Firmware available on the product's page:

- Try pairing your mouse again 

If this does not work,

1. Create a ticket on and select General - Technical Issue
3. Send a video including: 

            a. Your mouse, PC and set up

           b. Your software settings including your firmware versions, receiver version, software version

           c. Your attempt to do the tests listed above
4. In your message include the following:
               a. Name of shop where purchased

               b. Order Number

               c. Model Name and Size

               d. Confirm that you have tried the previous tests, and that you tried on a different PC.
               e. Confirm that you have registered your product if your warranty is valid