1. The mouse is not paired with the receiver:

If you received a new mouse and it was not working wireless out of the box, it may need to be paired with the receiver again. To do that, please follow the instructions in this article:

- Try pairing your mouse again

2. Receiver and mouse need to be updated:

Try the following:

- Reset your receiver firmware by installing the firmware again.
- Do the same with your mouse (Firmware available on the product's page: pulsar.gg)

3. Something in your setup

Other wireless products can interefere with the mouse signal, make sure to bring the receiver close to your mouse using the extender, and turn off/put away any of the following devices:
- Wifi Router

- Other wireless mice

- Magnetic objects

- Wireless headsets
- RF signal receivers

If you use a cable extender, try testing the cable with another device to make sure it is not defective. Make sure to use the provided cable, and try comparing it with another one.

To make sure that something in your computer settings is not interfering with the receiver's driver, make sure try a different USB port, as well as a different computer.

4. Defective receiver

If none of the above solutions fixed your issue, it may be that your receiver is defective. If you have a valid warranty, please contact your seller as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can also purchase a new receiver on our website: pulsar.gg/dongle (For mouse generations prior to August 2023, find the 4K dongle for Nordic MCUs)

5. Defective mouse antenna

If replacing the dongle does not solve the issue, it may be that your mouse is defective. In that case, please contact your seller as soon as possible. If you purchased from www.pulsar.gg or our Amazon/Newegg stores, submit a ticket on pulsar.gg/support

When contacting your seller, make sure to:

1. Send a video including: 

            a. Your mouse, PC, and setup

           b. Your software settings including your firmware versions, receiver version, software version

           c. Your attempt to do the tests listed above
2. Iinclude the following In your message :
               a. Name of shop where purchased

               b. Order Number

               c. Model Name and Size

               d. Confirm that you have tried the previous tests and that you tried on a different PC.
               e. Confirm that you have registered your product if your warranty is valid