Checking if your mouse double clicks: 

Hold your mouse flat on a surface and show that you are using only one finger by folding the other fingers.  

Click on the middle of the button, at the level of the wheel.

Chattering test: 

Fixing the double clicking

1. Clean your mouse switches, dust trapped under the switches can cause double clicking. 

In some cases, double clicking can be fixed by cleaning the mouse using compressed air.

2. Increase debounce rate. Double clicking can be caused by slight vibrations and can be solved by changing the debounce rate when the double clicking is minor.

3. Resoldering Cold or Fractured Joints: In certain instances, the connections of the switch may become loose or damaged, and these issues can typically be resolved by reheating the joint with a soldering iron until the solder reflows.

4. Changing the switches. If the previous methods did not solve you issue, your switches are most likely defective and need to be replaced. 

Replacing switches

If your warranty is valid and you bought from Pulsar GG, please contact us on

We will ask you to fill in some forms, and then send you a Shipping label, to send your mouse to our repair center. 

This will take 2-3 weeks.

Otherwise, if you wish to fix the switches yourself, here is some useful information.

The switches used on our Xlite and X2 mice are KAILH 8.0 switches, they can easily be purchased online. You can also use other similar switches that have the same 3 pin layout. You will also need soldering tools.

Here is a Youtube tutorial of how to solder new switches.