Fulfillment time: Time it takes to process the order. We will check cancellation and modification requests, register your package, print a label and pack your items. You will only be notified right before the item is picked up, when your label is created. Your tracking number may be generated a few days after it has been picked up. More detailed schedule of fulfilment on this article: When will my order ship?

Delivery time: From the time that the shipping company picks up your item until it is delivered at your door. Your tracking number will be updated throughout the process. Delivery time differs depending on the shipping option you selected, more information on this article: How long will the delivery take?

Note that the time indicated is in Korean Time, and Korean holidays do not count as business days.

If there is any issue with your order, we will send you a message to the email you used when making your order, so make sure to check your inbox, and make sure that the email used when making your order was written correctly. 

This could happen if we are unable to ship to your location, if the product is not available, if there was an error in our system, or if we need anything from you to complete the shipment. In some cases, your order may have been cancelled if our system flagged it as fraudulent or other reasons.

If you are worried that your order has been forgotten, lost in transit or not shipped, feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket on pulsar.gg/support