Xlite Wireless Pairing

Before you start:

Just in case, please unplug all the other mice if you have multiple mice. 

You will need 1 Extra mouse for this operation.

Please have another mouse ready that is not using Pixart PAW3370 sensor.
You can use Pulsar Xlite Wired. 

1. Download the Software

Please download the pairing program here. 

2. Unzip the file. 

It does not need any installation, you are good to go.


Should contain these 3 files. 

3. Connect the mouse wirelessly

4. Open the program "Xlite Wireless Pairing V1.82"

4. Place the receiver as close to a mouse. (within 6inch distance)

5. Click Pair(Enter) on SW

If the Pair(Enter) button is not Green in color, please try a different USB port.

6. Immediately Press hold LEFT+WHEEL+RIGHT Click of the mouse for 3 sec

7. You will see the mouse LED color is yellow.

8. If successful the Software will tell you "SUCCESS"

9. If fail, the Software will tell you "Failure", then please repeat the process and try again.

If pairing does not work, please contact support.