Xlite Wireless Pairing

Note: You must disconnect and turn off all other mice with similar wireless signals during the pairing process, you may use a wired mouse to make the process easier, but if you are currently using a wireless mouse, make sure to remove it before you start pairing, and use the keyboard to activate the Pair(Enter) button

1. Download the software and run it

Please download the pairing program here. 

2. Do not connect your mouse with a cable, only plug in your receiver

3. Click Pair with another mouse of press Enter with your keyboard

If the button is greyed out, please try a different USB port.

4. Enter pairing mode

Hold LEFT+WHEEL+RIGHT Click of the mouse for 3 sec 

Your LED will blink Yellow

5. Wait until the mouse pairs with the receiver

Make sure to keep the receiver close to the mouse during the process
On some cases, the show "Failure" but if your mouse works wireless, that will not affect performance.

If pairing does not work, please contact support.