The delivery time is the estimated number of business days it takes after the product has been shipped to arrive to your location if nothing goes wrong during the delivery. 

To this number you must add the time it takes for your order to be fulfilled.

For more information on when your order will be fulfilled, refer to this article:

From USA Warehouse (USA only) 

Economy:                      2-14 days   (USPS)

Priority:                         1-3 days    (USPS)
All orders over  0.5KG:   2-7 days     (UPS)     


From South Korea Warehouse 

DHL INT EXPRESS:      2-5 days
FedEx EXPRESS: 2-5 days (Canada, UK, EU)

These are estimations, and you are not guaranteed to receive the product within these periods as shipments can be delayed for various reasons.
Note that these only apply to orders from, for inquiries about EU orders, contact